Mill City Builders

about us

We are David Atchison and Ewart Martens.

Since 1995 when we established Mill City Builders we have been repairing, upgrading, adding on to and completely transforming homes in Minneapolis and St.Paul.

Since both of us enjoy all aspects of the design/build process, from the initial consultation through the design phase, to the construction and the finishes we choose to construct all of our own work, one job at a time and do not have employees.

In practice that means that at least one of us is on the job site all day every day from start to completion tending to all details of the task at hand. That includes working alongside our mechanical and specialty trade sub contractors most of whom we have been working with since the founding of our business.

Our list of completed projects is both long and broad including kitchens and baths, attics and basements, additions ranging from screen porches to two-story extensions, as well as a log cabin restoration and a fieldstone and timber barn.
Common to all of them is that we work closely with our customers, identifying solutions that are appropriate to the home, considerate of environmental concerns both in a personal and larger context, i.e. indoor air quality and environmental impact and ultimately well-functioning, durable and beautiful.

about us